2019 360iDev Conference Day 1

I left Omaha airport to in Denver on Saturday night. I took the rail car from the Denver airport to downtown Union Station.

I then walked to the Grand Hyatt Denver Hotel. Which was about 20 minutes.

Pre-Conference Lab

Generic Swift. It isn’t Supposed to Hurt

Taught by Rob Napier



This was a live coding workshop using playgrounds. Opening statement

“Write the most concrete implementation before a protocol.”


  • Real Life Protocol
  • Codeable gives me certain power
  • Protocols don’t conform to itself like a class when inheriting.
  • Type signature can be a parameter in func
  • Retroactive Modeling
  • When I use a class it is because I need a reference type not to do inheritance.
  • Classes have a meaning.
  • Any value type should have a equateable.
  • SwiftUI uses data in background.
  • You can turn any result into a throwing method.
  • If you put a static method on a protocol then it is inherited by other protocols.
  • Reference semantics
  • Typing a name of a Protocol represents protocol.
  • Single value containers
  • Typealias
  • phantom type.
  • TypeEraser get ride of type information

Everything you know is about to change




  • Declarative
  • Automatic
  • Compositional
  • Consistent
  • One framework for all devices. The views will need to change
  • No matter InterfaceBuilder or AutoLayout
  • Better ways to build programmatic views.
  • SwiftUI will handle the Declarative View.
  • Composition over Inheritance
  • The views are collapsing down. A view returns only one.
  • Font’s and colors return a view
  • Property Wrappers
  • All property values to be wrapped by various types.
  • @State: is a property Wrapper. When state updates, the property redraws.
  • A new view is a VStack
  • Containers
  • HStack
  • Trailing Closure Syntax
  • @ViewBuilder is a property wrapper.’
  • Ten View Limitation is a complier errors when more than 10.
  • Migrating from UIKit to SwiftUI


I did not attend this workshop, but found the slides fascinating.


Git merge is becoming Git switch & Git restore


NoBiz Like Show Biz.

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