YMCA Soccer Kindergarten Fall 2018

Toward the end of T-ball season I started to wonder how to get Xavier into Soccer for the fall. He has played before in a fundamentals class at Prairie Life Center. My first choice was the YMCA. First the location is less then a few miles from my house. Second the cost of the YMCA.

When you sign up at YMCA there is competitive and fundamental. I choose competitive which i think would be good for him.  There is a checkbox on do you want to volunteer to be a head coach or assistant. I checked the box and became a head coach of a soccer team.

What this really meant was I had to take the time to learn about soccer. I did what all people do and started watching YouTube videos. I watched as many videos as I can. I read theory and articles on coaching kids soccer.

We played for 8 weeks. Every game was on a Saturday. A game meant for 30 minutes we would do practice. Then play two 12 minute halves. The most important question to ask before each game is “Who has to go potty?” This was a awesome experience. I had some great kids. The parents seemed to be happy.

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