Blockchain Development Group: Libra

This evening I attended the Blockchain Development Group  hosted by Farm  Credit Services of America.

Started with networking and Pizza.



Tonight’s talk was on Libra by Kyle tut of


Libra validator nodes are responsible for validating transactions. Experimenting with node validators.

Developed as a smart contract language. Learned from solidity. Integration will be done through modules. The 2/3 majority will need to approve.The main goal of Libra is to be stable. They have not solved problems with Ethereum.

Calibra is own by Facebook. It is a digital wallet. It is also a partner.

Re-seller takes money and puts into the Reserve. Then money in exchange will be put in Libra. Not much different then a global ACH network. The goal is about controlling where the amount is stored.

There will be regulatory considerations. If successful won’t have to deal with regulations as other financial transactions are. Libra is a digital currency not a crypto concurrency.

Google Developer Group Omaha: Intro to Flutter

This evening I attended the Google Developer group hosted by CRI at the Travel and Transport building.

trave and transport

Started with Introductions: Such as I am Anthony Carlson. I am the Lead Application Developer at Farm Credit Services of America with emphasis on the iOS and Android platform.

Intro to Flutter

Tonight’s topic was on Flutter. An intro to Flutter and Getting a Flutter app to production were the topics. Flutter works as a plugin in Android Studio. You can connect to the iOS simulator.

  • Portable UI toolkit
  • Native Mobile or Web
  • State Management
  • Compiles to native file

App built is a Tree structure. Everything is a widget. There is also a process for developing a package and plugins. Scaffolding is very similar to material design. When you develop you are acting in a state. Let flutter manage state. The more complex or nest widgets is when state management.

It was a brief talk, but educational.

Azure May Meeting

I attended my first Azure meeting at the Microsoft building in Aksarben.

The group meets last Wednesday of the month at 3:00 p.m.

The topic was on Microsoft’s Azure Service Fabric is the PaaS (Platform as a Service) offering for service-oriented systems. By leveraging the same platform Microsoft uses to build their own services (such as Azure SQL Database and Azure Cosmos DB), developers have access to a wide range of tools to improve scalability, reliability, and management of their microservices systems.

In this talk, Sr. Software Architect Andy Unterseher will explain what Service Fabric is, how it is hosted in Azure, which types of applications are best suited for it, and some situations where it may not be appropriate. Using a live application, Andy will demonstrate how to develop with Service Fabric and show how to deploy it from Azure DevOps. He will compare Service Fabric to other platforms (like Kubernetes) and talk about the still-in-preview Azure Service Fabric Mesh.


Hosting Services in Azure

I heard the term of iDesign which was talked at a topic at another meetup.
Function Apps
API Management
Can deploy core and api’s into the service fabric.

State Management

Development Strategy
Two Solution
• Locally
• Azure

Should your solution know about Service Fabric?

Updates create a package of differential when updating.

Azure Devops
Template vs Yml file.

What does Service Fabric do?
Allows to host legacy code and docker. Recommendation is not to.

What is the different in Mesh?
Mesh is container based?

Fully Managed
Deploy across availability zones

Improving Enterprise Architecture skills for the Omaha area professionals.

Improving Enterprise Architecture skills for the Omaha area professionals.

I found a Enterprise Architecture group on I have been wanting to improve my skills, but also get a better understanding what others in the community see in terms of Enterprise Architecture.

The meeting was at Mutual Omaha. I have driven by the building for years, but never physically been in the building.

I was given a tour of the area under the doom. There are four restaurants and lots of opening seating.

On the tour there was a area that is marked as collaboration area of the future. It was interesting to see how it was laid out.




We made our way to one of the conference rooms to start the meeting.

The start of the discussion was a eye opener. It was the difference of Enterprise Architecture vs Software Architecture. I cam to the group looking at the approach of Software, but thinking about how the Enterprise ties to the business was more compelling to me.

Different Discussion Points

Enterprise Architecture is about solution at a larger scale. Architect your enterprise to meet the business.

Disciplined Agile 2.0 YouTube video
•Goal Driven
•Disciplined Agile Delivery Framework

Togaf Architect: First time ever hearing of this solution.

Challenge of recreating or how do I get something for Free. Who pays for it? How do you get businesses to build application where technology is talked in terms of business.
•Value of EA gives guidance to let teams provide value.
•How do you engage different technology teams?
•Mutual of Omaha uses three week sprints?
•Following standards vs guidance.
•Complete visibility in the work
•Business team hearing what there systems does.
•Service Catalog

•Talking to Business Owner about the features of what a system does not the application.
◦Business Capability model.
◦Why do we teach people to talk features applications or technology?
◦Capabilities of the system for the business
• Should enterprise architects give solution to software teams.
◦Does this that impedes business from success.
◦Are you meeting business objectives?
◦Support Delivery teams
◦Finding individual success on teams and how can others use it.
◦Be the team people wants to call.
◦Negations of technical dependencies.