For some reason I have been processing the term Conviction today. I am relating it to myself. Depending on the definition of conviction. The word can be reference as a fixed or strong belief. I have a strong belief that all people I associate truly care about me. I am fixed on the idea that I don’t make all the right decision. My conviction for today is to make sure I am a better man moving forward. That the caring of others and decisions I make lead me to a better tomorrow. I don’t say much, but when I do it means something. If you don’t know that then you may not really know me. So in becoming a better man at this moment. My conviction is I love my family and friends. Urban Legend

The right direction

As I was driving upon the street from my house. I was thinking about good & direction. When you hit that “T” in the road. Which direction do you go? You go left, you go right, or maybe just stay in place.  In all actuality either direction might not be good. I realize as a person my direction does not have to be good. Good is something we all agree upon. I don’t want to go and do something everyone has agreed upon. I have learned the more you vary your own direction from others. Then there never needs to be sufficient rationalization to have a good decision. The truth is the direction was the best decision at the time. So as long as you stick to good you’ll never have real direction.