2019 Android Dev Summit Day 2

Day 2

The day started with checking out the codelabs.

Jetpack Compose Codelab

Lightning Talks Round 1

Managing Companion Devices

What’s New in C++/Native Support in Android Studio

Advanced Haptics: The When, What, and How of New Haptic APIs

Adopt Wide Color Gamut

Turning the Page: Migrating to ViewPager2

Platform Android Studio and Tooling

Secure Your Data – Deep Dive into Encryption and Security

Jon Markoff, Nicole Borrelli

Strategies for data encryption on Android using Jetpack Security. The key takeaways include: learn to encrypt data safely on device and use the AndroidKeyStore.

Outline the challenges with data-at-rest encryption.

Best practices for data encryption and key management.

Deep dive into why and how Jetpack Security library was built.

Jetpack security Library

Hardware backed means it runs a separate memory space.


  • AndroidX Library
  • Recoverable errors


An opinionated guide to Dependency Injection on Android

Manuel Vivo, Daniel Santiago Rivera

Dagger has become the recommended way to do Dependency Injection on Android. However, there are many ways to use Dagger! Come hear why we recommend Dagger, the best practices including recommended setup in multi-module projects, and what plans we have to improve Dagger in Android so that you can create a solid, extensible solution for managing dependencies in your app that scales to large projects.


How The Android Team Makes Widgets Accessible

Shailen Tuli, Qasid Sadiq, Lyla Fujiwara

In this intermediate level talk, we cover accessibility using real world examples. You’ll find out about accessibility in framework and androidX code, and learn about support for accessibility in Android widgets. Along the way, you’ll discover good patterns that can make your UIs shine for accessibility/

Accessibility Service


ViewPager : Flip through

Logical Direction vs Direction

Testing for accessibility

Testing Code lab

End to end Tests

Integration Tests

Unit Tests

Android Studio: Debugging Tips n’ Tricks

David Herman, Justin Nieto

Level up your debugging skills! We all spend so much time in the debugger, and this session teaches you about some of the powerful debugging features available in Android Studio. This talk should appeal to all, from beginners to experts and everybody in between. No matter your level, you’ll take away something to help you chase bugs more effectively using Android Studio.

Java❤️ Kotlin, Happy Together 🎵

Murat Yener, Nicole Borrelli, Wenbo Zhu

Kotlin is awesome and you want to write all your code in it, but what about the thousands of lines of code already written in the Java programming language? Or, maybe you have a library or project that is written in Java and already has been used in so many Kotlin or Java projects.

In this talk, we will look at the best practices for writing Kotlin and Java code that works so seamlessly from the other that the only way to what language it is written in is to look at the source code.

Understanding Compose

Leland Richardson

This session covers the benefits of a declarative reactive UI system like Jetpack Compose and how it applies to real problems that Android developers have today. Additionally, this talk expands on the programming model of Jetpack Compose and some of its implementation details that help you understand how Compose works.

Permissions on Android

Sara N-Marandi, Philip Moltmann

Permissions provide the means for apps to communicate to their users why they need access to the user’s private data. In Android, we want to provide users control and transparency over their data, and have made a number of changes in Android 10 that bring greater restrictions to what data apps can access. We will review the changes in Android 10 and introduce new concepts we have been working on for future releases.

Only 18% of users allow every permission on their device.

Grant a specific feature that requires this permission.

Users share less.

Request the minimum permissions that a feature needs.

Request permissions in context for the use case.

Permissions by libraries

Minimize use of location, especially background location.

Testing Coroutines on Android

Manuel Vivo, Sean McQuillan

Coroutines simplify the way we do async programming on Android. However, testing async code has never been an easy task. In this talk, we show you how to master test asynchronicity with coroutines to get that precious green check ✔️. Which questions do you have to ask yourself before writing a line of test code? How can you test coroutines that use Dispatchers.Main? What if you want to control the timing of your events? Why shouldn’t you use Dispatchers.Unconfined? Come and learn how to test coroutines like a pro.

Android UI Coroutines First

Updated Documentation coming

Always inject dispatchers

Fast, Reliable, isolated

2019 Android Dev Summit Day 1

Back in October,  I attend the in Sunnyvale, California.

The conference was at Google Cloud where they give Live Demo’s, Android Previews in code labs, and stream everything on Youtube.

Here are my notes:

Android Keynote

  • Kotlin Certification code
  • I received this in a email later on.

What’s New in Jetpack Compose

Adam Powell, Clara Bayarri, Romain Guy

Jetpack Compose was announced at Google I/O and the team has been hard at work ever since. This talk introduces Compose to new audiences, including what the project is and how it is taking shape. The talk also updates people who already know about Jetpack Compose, including how the project has evolved.

Kotlin First


@composable Functions

Built in Components

Material Components

  • Same terminology to outline
  • Showed built-in Android Studio Emulator


Event Handlers don’t leak mutability.

Event Handlers

flow down.

Composable code is Dense?

Statement Management over time

Stay away from overloads

Standardize on Coroutines

Type Safety is Nice

Layering is a pretty great idea

What’s New with CameraX

Caren Chang, Xi Zhang

Learn what is new with CameraX since its alpha launch at Google I/O this year, and learn from teams at Google that have been using CameraX in their apps.

December 2019

What’s New in Android Studio

Tor Norbye, Jamal Eason

In this session, we provide updates and demos on new developments and features in Android Studio and how the tools can integrate into your app development workflow.

Builds Speeds

Come in 4.0

  • Profiler for builds
  • Kotlin gradle
  • Progaurd files
  • @composable attribute
  • Emulator embedded in IDE
  • Layout Inspector
  • 3D full stack
  • Click and Swipe Handlers
  • Material Clip icons
  • LiveTempalte setings
  • Log functions shows all parameter’s


WorkManager: Beyond the Basics

Rahul Ravikumar, Sumir Kataria

Learn more about WorkManager, the Jetpack library for background processing. This talk introduces intermediate and advanced concepts to address common questions, gotchas, and issues you might see when you deploy to a large ecosystem of users and devices.


Migrating to AndroidX: The Time Is Right

Nick Anthony, Tiem Song

Let’s take a deep dive into the reality of migrating to AndroidX! This talk provides the rationale to migrate soon, sets expectations appropriately, and recommends a process for executing the migration as smoothly as possible.

Upgrade to support library 28

Enable Jetifier

Updated dependencies

Use Studio to Migrate to AndroidX.


Dan Lew on Github

Alpha vs. Stable

Google Play Billing: The “Purchase Anywhere” Paradigm Shift

Oscar Rodriguez

In the past few years, we have introduced new features into Google Play, that enable users to discover and purchase items and subscriptions in many new ways, from inside and outside the app.

Developers who have adopted these changes in their apps have seen improvements in user experience, and with it, substantial growth in revenue. However, integrating these features into an app or game requires a fundamental change in which you think about how purchases are made and consumed.

This session takes a deep dive into designing for Purchase Anywhere. We will talk about promotions, subscribe-and-install, cash purchases and pending transactions, and remote purchase approvals. All app and game developers using Google Play Billing are welcome to attend.

Subscriptions: RTDN

Create a Promo Code

Purchases are done outside app

Gift Cards

Coming Cash purchases

AIDL is deprecated.

Other Perks

I was able to try the two mobile applications I have developed professional on a Android Foldable phone a Chrome Notebook.

Android for Cars

20 Years working at Farm Credit Services of America

Today May 15, is the day of achieving 20 years of employment with  Farm Credit Services of America.  I feel I have built an impressive legacy of service over those 20 years.

There is no doubt, I have witnessed and been a part of many changes.  I have many stories and experiences I can share over that time.

Here is a picture of the First Application Development Team at Farm Credit Services of America. This was taken on Friday May 19th of my first week of work outside of Cascio’s Steak House.  I was also on my first team outing.


2020 Spring UNO Coffee & Careers

In early May of 2020 I was contacted by Joe Hayes to be a guest on Coffee & Careers.  

The focus would be careers in technology. A day in the life of developer, What are the different types of roles in the field? What is the needed or desired skill sets in technology.  How a student can stand out and shine?

Here is a link to the YouTube video. If you use a podcast platform like Spotify. The video will show up on the  Coffee & Career too.

On a final note. We did the video using Zoom technology. The one story not on video was our discussion on life. We talked because we are self quarantine working from home. How we are allowing others to see our personal life more. That we are seeing each families and of course why I am in a Sauna.


2020 Spring UNO Professional Sales Resume Reviews

This afternoon I attended the University of Nebraska-Omaha Professional Sales Resume Reviews. The College of Business Career Center was partnering with the Marketing level 3100 Professional Sale course taught by Ann Herman . The goal of the day was to provide students with resume critiques from employers.


I was part of multiple sessions were I was able to connect in the students in the classroom.  I was placed at a table with a group. I went one by one through each person resume.  I provided feedback about my professional career. I firmly believe the students appreciated the feedback.

2019 FALL UNO MISSO Meeting

The Management Information Systems Student Organization (MISSO) is a student group at University of Nebraska-Omaha. MISSO has a general meeting once a month, usually featuring a guest speaker. This past Friday September 13th. Myself and Joni Stewart  were the guest speakers at the September meeting. I also wanted this spot because of talking about Internships and Technology Works here event.

I had set up this visit in early August by emailing the Professor Dr. Paul Van Vliet.



The MISSO group does a good job of advertising the meeting.  About a month before the meeting I was asked for a topic. The topic I wanted to talk about was UX in my development process. Here is the abstract:

This month our guest speaker will be Anthony Carlson, a UNO graduate and lead application developer with Farm Credit Services of America. His software journey has been through various forms of service-oriented architecture for client and web applications. As a member of the first team at Farm Credit Services to use an agile methodology for software development, Anthony helped champion practices such as test-driven development and service-level testing. Currently, he is part of the Customer Solutions team where his focus is on iOS, Android, and responsive platforms.

Anthony’s talk is entitled

“How do I include UX in my development process?” How do we know if our software efforts are on the right track? Finding the answers to these questions doesn’t need to be scary, your users want to tell you everything you need to know to be successful. Anthony Carlson Lead Application Developer will explain how to build simple UX practices into any software development processes. Learn real world examples on how to effectively engage your customers and development team with UX basics, when to apply them and how to plan for them.

They take my topic and make a nice graphic to be shared on social media.

Day of Event

At the UNO IT Career Fair on Wednesday I took a selfie in front of the MISSO flier inside PKI. This was going to be

my social Media post.

Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 1.52.06 PM

I arrived right around 4:30 p.m. to set up.

I also want to make sure my  presentation Would work. I also brought the following

  • Dartboards
  • Internship Fliers
  • Works Her Event card.
  • Business Cards
  • Presentation Pointer

I sponsor Pizza for the group which comes in under $100.00 The group doesn’t charge fees and helping out leaves a good impression of our company. Always remember to get vegetarian pizza.


I got us rolling right at 5:00 p.m.


Joni started the talk with Internships and “Works Here” Video

I did a presentation on UX in the development process. The group asked good questions about the process.

Next Day


The next day we got a thank you email.


Another great event to build relationships with UNO.

2019 360iDev Conference Day 4

2019 360iDev Conference Day 4

State of the Conference

“No one hates positive re-enforcement”

I thought I knew but I didn’t

“Success is a lousy teacher”

Book: “The cluetrain manifesto

“Help other become who they are” People over profit

Financial transparency: The coolest thing I have ever seen at a conference.

  • Indie conference
  • Don’t’ do Breakfast
  • Lunch outside, it’s nice outside

  • Speaker Travel, speaker hotel room
  • $103, 063 to put on conference
  • Attendees
  • Sponsorships
  • Talked about how much money the conference made
  • The playlist is by attendees
  • Thanks to the Sponsors
  • Thanks to the speakers
  • Attendees are the ones that come, they should have a say in where the conference is held.
  • Volunteers (room monitors)
  • All in Ticket (not everyone wants it, but it is there)
  • Previous Years Banners (conference yearbook)

Using LLDB, Instruments, and Xcode to understand a codebase


Straying From the Happy Path: Taking Control of Errors in Swift

If you want to handle more error, then you have to make it easy.

BYOB: Build Your Own (Swift) Backend. Server-Side Swift beyond CloudKit

Piles of Pictures: Process with Turi Create


2019 360iDev Conference Day 3

How to stay excited in a world that is falling apart

  • Looking Back
    • Where we have changed people
    • We are amazing people
  • It looked so easy to create a youtube channel
    • Don’t fear Failure
  • Being a successful programmer
  • Life too is an iterative process
  • Enjoy their laughter
    • Does it make a difference?Should stop arguing and focus on results
    • It’s nice to be right. It’s better to be effective.
    • What people get wrong about business?
      • Problem
      • Business
      • Profit
    • Look for the helpers, then help then

The opportunity to

  • Empathize with others
  • Learn how the world really works
  • Find weakness we can address
  • Do better the next time
  • Laugh at ourselves

Changing your luck

  • Finding the opportunities in the bad
  • Remembering to look back at accomplishments
  • Seeing what is there instead is not there
  • At least trying to achieve your dreams
  • Seeing the up and downs as parts of the whole


What is the best thing about the world ending?

  • Don’t waste time on things that don’t matter
    • What really matters is to you!

WebSockets: Adding Real-Time Data to Your App with SwiftNIO and Network Framework

Http Protocols

  • Stateless
  • TCP
  • MIME
  • Secure

HTTP/1.1 vs HTTP/2


Upgrade Negotiation Request Headers

  • HTTP will ignore and send 1.1 response
  • http/2 will send a 101 Switching Protocols


  • Polling
    • Request on Timer
    • Client makes request
  • Long Polling
    • Blocking request and awaits for data
  • SSE
    • Server pushes back over time


  • Bi-directional message oriented
  • UTF-Binary Message
  • Subprotocols
  • WebSocket Protocol vs HTML 5

RFC 6455

WebSocket Upgrade Negotiation Headers

  • Version
  • Key
  • Accept
  • Protocol
  • Extensions


Why would we use NIO

  • Custom protocols
  • Effieiency / Scale

Server Side Swift

Ios12 and 13

  • Network Framework
  • URLSession Support

Codable Deep Dive



If You Liked It Then You Should Have Put A String On It

Intro to Serverless Computing with Swift

Where can we implement serverless in our app?

Why use serverless?

  • Scalability
  • Pay per use
  • Decreased time to market
  • Event driven scenarios
  • Offload CPU intensive tasks to the cloud
  • Integration with cloud services

FASS (functions as a Service)

  • IBM
  • AWS Lamda
  • Azure Functions
  • Google

No Biz Like Show Biz: Video Recording Your App for Marketing and Instruction

  • Tagline: What’s your story?
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • 5 minute app
  • Script – The Hero’s Journey
  • Script – You are the Obi Wan
  • Script Structure
    • Intro – crisis
    • Narrative – journey
    • End – award
  • Script Styles: Text Only
  • Script Styles: Documentary
  • Edit & Rehearse
  • Production
  • Live Action
  • Screenshot
    • Screen Capture
    • Microphone
  • Slide Deck
  • Microphones
    • Single Durational Mic off of Amazon
  • Screen Capture Software
    • QuickTime
  • WorkFlow
  • Demo System
  • Teleprompter
  • Tablet
  • Set your Stage
  • Distraction Screen: Start at blank home screen
  • Record
  • Aim for one take
  • Find producers
  • Saving and naming
  • Post-Production
  • Imovie
  • Mix to Mono
  • Publishing
  • App Previews with no talking only sound

StoreKit And The IAP Lifecycle

Creation to Realization

NAMI: help app developers make money and not sell data

Venturing Into the world of RxSwift unit testing.

RxSwift is similar to other RX frameworks

2019 360iDev Conference Day 2

The conference kicked off at 9:30 a.m. on the 2nd floor of the Grand Hyatt.

The conference uses a 3rd party app for scheduling of the conference.  I found it very useful to know session information, times and location.

Building Meaningful Software

I have the ability to learn and have the imitative

  • Make a GitHub account
  • Joined a game development lab
  • We Read Too
    • Women of Color Book
  • A app is not going to save the world?
  • Technology is a tool. It is not a solution.
  • How can you create meaningful tools that have positive impact?

Think outside yourself

If you’re building something, test it with folks who experience life differently from yourself.

Think about times where you or someone you know has struggled to find or access something important.

Pevo : is a national app for domestic violence.

Lyra : is a speech app for kids with autistim

  • Extend your knowledge beyond yourself
  • Mentor Others
  • Volunteer with Organizations
  • Spend an hour chatting with someone


I am here today because people saw the potential in me and gave me a chance. If you are in a position to do so then do it.

Think Different

Autism is a neurologic condition. It is an inability to cope with sensory input. Everyone hearted the support dog.

Do we have financial incentives to behave bad?

We social allow bad behavior. Which rules do we all to break?

How to work with Autistic people

  • Making decisions is expensive
  • Changing or maintaining a day
  • Don’t Selectivity enforce rules
  • Eliminate Sensory Distractions
  • Make user Stories as detailed as possible
  • Communicate through Writing
  • Blunt/Honest != Personally Negative

Swifty TensorFlow


Why Machine Learning is important. You take data, put label’s on features to generate models then you do predictive

  • Features
  • Labels
  • Models
  • DATA
  • Supervised Learning
  • Training Rate is choosing the correct learning rate
  • Layered Neural Network
  • Machine Learning Terms
  • Loss Function
  • Validation Data vs Test Data
  • Dropout Rate
  • Batch Normalization

Tips and Tricks for Working with a New Codebase


What a makes a new codebase different?

  • Terminology
  • Conventions
  • Files
  • Architectural patterns
  • You did not write it

The Laws of Magic

Kick your 3rd party networking library to the curb

Managing Multiple Projects Without Losing Your Mind (Probably)


App Store Optimization for the Rest of Us


Competition on placement of App Store

How to find apps on app store

  • Featured App
  • Find Category until they find the app
  • Searching

Optimization of App Store

  • Set of techniques of find the best keywords get your app in front of right people
  • Way to indicate to apple what your app is all about in a way their search algorithm
  • Set of best practices for make sure people understand what your app does
  • Experimental mindset

What optimization isn’t

  • Spam the app store or trick algorithm
  • Don’t have time or money to spend

Four components of App Store Opitimization

  • Research
    • What is this app going to give me?
    • Features, benefits, tasks
    • The apps that show up that are similar or are competitors
    • Are those keywords used
    • Popularity 1 low 100 high
    • Use app intelligence tool
  • Research Mistakes
    • Using keywords that are irrelevant
  • Keywords
    • Turn words into something that matters
  • Keyword of importance
    • Keyword List
      • Use variation of full test search
      • Split into single words
      • Separate with, remove all spaces
      • Removal all stop words
      • Don’t include your app, company or category
      • Use all 100 characters
    • App’s Name
      • Include the most important keywords
      • Order is important. If it isn’t a brand, push to last
      • Most important words are in title
    • App’s Subtitle
      • Have a subtitle
      • Use all 30 characters
      • combine with keyword list
  • Visuals
    • Convey what your app does quickly
    • Everyone checks out the app’s screenshot
    • Video’s show how easy
    • Icon
    • Screenshots
      • Sell it quickly
      • Color engage the eye
      • Add contrast to App’s UI
      • Short simple captions to describe what the app can do
      • Humanize the app by showing action, in the context of a real person
    • Mistakes with screenshots
      • App’s UI
      • Sorting screenshots by order of use not benefits
      • Too much text
      • Capture boring UI
    • Video Good For
      • App preview is an opportunity to showcase
      • Tie what you show to important keywords
      • Excite the person watching
      • Promote the biggest benefits and app offers with captions, voice over
      • You get 3 videos
      • Sound
      • Customizing the post shot
    • ICONS
      • Use your logo and brand colors
      • Use bright colors
      • Avoid text
      • Don’t pack to much detail
  • Monitoring
    • Keep track of performance
    • Look at keyword rank


Build immersive experiences with ARKit and CoreLocation


2019 360iDev Conference Day 1

I left Omaha airport to in Denver on Saturday night. I took the rail car from the Denver airport to downtown Union Station.

I then walked to the Grand Hyatt Denver Hotel. Which was about 20 minutes.

Pre-Conference Lab

Generic Swift. It isn’t Supposed to Hurt

Taught by Rob Napier

This was a live coding workshop using playgrounds. Opening statement

“Write the most concrete implementation before a protocol.”


  • Real Life Protocol
  • Codeable gives me certain power
  • Protocols don’t conform to itself like a class when inheriting.
  • Type signature can be a parameter in func
  • Retroactive Modeling
  • When I use a class it is because I need a reference type not to do inheritance.
  • Classes have a meaning.
  • Any value type should have a equateable.
  • SwiftUI uses data in background.
  • You can turn any result into a throwing method.
  • If you put a static method on a protocol then it is inherited by other protocols.
  • Reference semantics
  • Typing a name of a Protocol represents protocol.
  • Single value containers
  • Typealias
  • phantom type.
  • TypeEraser get ride of type information

Everything you know is about to change



  • Declarative
  • Automatic
  • Compositional
  • Consistent
  • One framework for all devices. The views will need to change
  • No matter InterfaceBuilder or AutoLayout
  • Better ways to build programmatic views.
  • SwiftUI will handle the Declarative View.
  • Composition over Inheritance
  • The views are collapsing down. A view returns only one.
  • Font’s and colors return a view
  • Property Wrappers
  • All property values to be wrapped by various types.
  • @State: is a property Wrapper. When state updates, the property redraws.
  • A new view is a VStack
  • Containers
  • HStack
  • Trailing Closure Syntax
  • @ViewBuilder is a property wrapper.’
  • Ten View Limitation is a complier errors when more than 10.
  • Migrating from UIKit to SwiftUI


I did not attend this workshop, but found the slides fascinating.

Git merge is becoming Git switch & Git restore

NoBiz Like Show Biz.