2019 Android Dev Summit Day 1

Back in October,  I attend the https://developer.android.com/dev-summit in Sunnyvale, California.

The conference was at Google Cloud where they give Live Demo’s, Android Previews in code labs, and stream everything on Youtube. 


Here are my notes:

Android Keynote

  • Kotlin Certification code
  • I received this in a email later on.

What’s New in Jetpack Compose

Adam Powell, Clara Bayarri, Romain Guy

Jetpack Compose was announced at Google I/O and the team has been hard at work ever since. This talk introduces Compose to new audiences, including what the project is and how it is taking shape. The talk also updates people who already know about Jetpack Compose, including how the project has evolved.

Kotlin First


@composable Functions

Built in Components

Material Components

  • Same terminology to outline
  • Showed built-in Android Studio Emulator


Event Handlers don’t leak mutability.

Event Handlers

flow down.

Composable code is Dense?

Statement Management over time

Stay away from overloads

Standardize on Coroutines

Type Safety is Nice

Layering is a pretty great idea

What’s New with CameraX

Caren Chang, Xi Zhang

Learn what is new with CameraX since its alpha launch at Google I/O this year, and learn from teams at Google that have been using CameraX in their apps.

December 2019

What’s New in Android Studio

Tor Norbye, Jamal Eason

In this session, we provide updates and demos on new developments and features in Android Studio and how the tools can integrate into your app development workflow.

Builds Speeds

Come in 4.0

  • Profiler for builds
  • Kotlin gradle
  • Progaurd files
  • @composable attribute
  • Emulator embedded in IDE
  • Layout Inspector
  • 3D full stack
  • Click and Swipe Handlers
  • Material Clip icons
  • LiveTempalte setings
  • Log functions shows all parameter’s


WorkManager: Beyond the Basics

Rahul Ravikumar, Sumir Kataria

Learn more about WorkManager, the Jetpack library for background processing. This talk introduces intermediate and advanced concepts to address common questions, gotchas, and issues you might see when you deploy to a large ecosystem of users and devices.


Migrating to AndroidX: The Time Is Right

Nick Anthony, Tiem Song

Let’s take a deep dive into the reality of migrating to AndroidX! This talk provides the rationale to migrate soon, sets expectations appropriately, and recommends a process for executing the migration as smoothly as possible.

Upgrade to support library 28

Enable Jetifier

Updated dependencies

Use Studio to Migrate to AndroidX.


Dan Lew on Github

Alpha vs. Stable

Google Play Billing: The “Purchase Anywhere” Paradigm Shift

Oscar Rodriguez

In the past few years, we have introduced new features into Google Play, that enable users to discover and purchase items and subscriptions in many new ways, from inside and outside the app.

Developers who have adopted these changes in their apps have seen improvements in user experience, and with it, substantial growth in revenue. However, integrating these features into an app or game requires a fundamental change in which you think about how purchases are made and consumed.

This session takes a deep dive into designing for Purchase Anywhere. We will talk about promotions, subscribe-and-install, cash purchases and pending transactions, and remote purchase approvals. All app and game developers using Google Play Billing are welcome to attend.

Subscriptions: RTDN

Create a Promo Code

Purchases are done outside app

Gift Cards

Coming Cash purchases

AIDL is deprecated.

Other Perks

I was able to try the two mobile applications I have developed professional on a Android Foldable phone a Chrome Notebook.

Android for Cars