2019 Spring UNO Software Management

ISQA 8210 is a graduate level project management course at UNO taught by Dr. George Royce.  I feel I have built a good relationship with Dr. Royce. We have attended Meetups together.  Dr. Royce reached out in January before I did about having us talk to his class room.


We confirmed for February 19th but we were snowed out. We moved the date to March 6th

Looking back on this visit. This is the sixth time we have done a in class room visit. That means for three years since I meet Dr. Royce we have done a class room visit each semester.

In this class room presentation Nate Ryan and Stacey Fletcher presented on “Fries R UP” at PKI. Fries R Up is the software project methodology used by Team Mojo.  Take any methodology and you will be asked questions such as timeline for project? How do you respond? How do you handle change? This is the process to help those conversations. They also updated images to reflect how things have changed in the past few months when the presentation was done in the fall of 2018. I did talk about Mob programming which was something we did the day of presentation.


We had good discussion from the participants who were engaged the whole time.  Many of the students in the class I had meet at the


I was not able to to stay around to hear about questions since I had another class room presentation to get to. Which is the next blog post on my list.

Dr. Royce sent a thank you the next day. He asked if I would be able to discuss analysis and design. which of course I said yes.


I did do a internal post on  giving praise to Nate and Stacey for such a great job.

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