2019 Spring UNO Nullify Capture the Flag

The Cybersecurity (Nullify) student group hosts a Capture the Flag (CTF) competition for regional High Schools. I decided to sponsor this event as a great chance to network and get the Farm Credit Services of America name out to this group. I received information about being a sponsor back in November of 2018.



Working with Information Technology leaders Russ Wagner and Rex Earl. We decided to sponsor the Bronze for $500.00.

Leading up to the event I coordinated with the Security Team for volunteers to help at the event. I also secured a table by working with the

Christie Smith, the Academic Program Coordinator at PKI. School of Interdisciplinary Informatics. She told me that they have never had a sponsor at the event before and was thrilled that I would show up.

Day of Event

The event was at the Scott Conference Center on UNO Campus. I arrived about 8:45 a.m. I met Christie who helped get my table set up in the far corner of the room.


The event kicked off at 9:00 a.m. I was happy to hear Farm Credit Services of America was given a mention as a sponsor of the event. After looking over the T-Shirt that everyone at the event received our Bio Star Logo was on the back of the shirt.


The room was set up that each high school had 4 to 6 members that worked as a team trying to earn points for finding vulnerabilities in a website.


Through out the event I meet the following Professors

  • Dr. Bill Mahoney (Faculty advisor to the Nullify Student Group)
  • Dr. Matthew L. Hale (He teaches mobile application development. Mostly in Android. We exchanged emails for a potential class room visit in the future).

  • Dr. Robin A. Gandhi (Teaches mostly about Security Assurance and Attack)

A big thanks to teammates for working split shifts to help out.

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