2019 Spring UNO Mobile Applications

In February at the Nullify Capture the Flag I meet a professor Dr. Matt Hale. Dr. Hale teaches a mobile applications with emphasis on native mobile development in Android for IoT applications. During the event I inquired about interest doing a class room visit to talk about mobile development. He gave me his business card. We back and fourth on some dates landing on March 6th.

Day of Presentation

March 6th finally arrived. The class was a evening class on UNO campus at PKI. I had scheduled the visit to be right after another class room presentation being done the same evening.

I was given a 50 minute time block. The Students in the class were just getting into native mobile development in Android. They’ve just finished labs and other content focused on hybrid mobile apps written with Cordova and a few introductory labs on native app development in Android.

I decided the goal of my presentation should be on was to prototyping and application security.


I decided to talk about prototyping app I talked about a recent experience I had with prototyping new features to the Agdirect Mobile application using the  https://marvelapp.com/. How prototyping reduced development time and costs. I was also able to share the prototype with our end users to improve quality, think of user experience and make these are the requirements needed. When I was done sharing and answering questions. Dr. Hale told the class that the discussion was not pre-arranged. I found out the class had just spent a few weeks prototyping their mobile application. I was basically re-enforcing what the professor had been spending time on.

The last 15 minutes I shared the the same securing mobile applications presentation I did at the Nullify student group.  Dr. Hale like this because I was showing iOS which he does not cover in the class room.

The next day I followed up with a email.


Dr. Hale, said yes. Please reach out in the future for us to collaborate again. I plan to reach out for the Fall of 2019 this summer.

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