2019 Spring UNO Connectaha Sponsorship

At the Nullify Student Meeting and UNO All Career Fair. I told all students about a chance to win a free ticket to a upcoming conference Connectaha that Farm Credit Services of America was sponsoring. Anyone who submitted info with the Office 365 Form I would put in a drawing.

The email looked like this:


About 10 students took the time to reply. Three students were chosen almost at random. The day before the conference I purchased three tickets for three UNO students. I waited a longer just incase one had to cancel.  I had worked out a deal with ConnectHa to get students in for a discounted price. All together $295.86 total.

The three UNO students were all students I had multiple contact points with.

The morning of the conference, I showed up Connectaha  to get a picture by the FCSAmerica booth with them.  Connectaha has agreed to send a social thank you to Farm Credit Services of America for sponsoring UNO students.   I believe it is more meaningful when it’s originated by the organization hosting the event FCSAmerica is sponsoring as opposed to self-promotion.


I heard from the afternoon group booth Srishty and Kim both stopped by the booth and were a pleasure to talk too.  This sponsorship for students is a great way to build relationships with relationships with the University of Nebraska-Omaha and the student population.

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