2019 Spring UNO College of Business Administration and Internship Career Fair

The College of Business Administration (CBA) was the second University of Nebraska-Omaha (UNO) career fair for the 2019 Spring School year. The timing of the career fair compared to the other UNO fair in spring  was about a week apart.

I am always interested in finding UNO Alumni who could help out at a career fair. I put a message on our Yammer in February that I was looking for help for the CBA Career Fair. 


Carol Brush, ODL Specialist volunteered to help out. This was good since Carol was a UNO Alumni.  She also could be a new perspective on how I do things and provide feedback.

The day of the Fair

I always make sure to post on Twitter and LinkedIn.


I arrived at fair about 10:00 a.m. to setup. I setup the TV to show the Careers page. I also had some cups left over from Technology Works Here. I had the iPad with the Office 365 Form to capture student information. I keep hand sanitizer in my digital toolbox.   

I had a spot right when you walked in. so I was able to multiple ways to setup the table.


The one that seemed to fit our space was to setup the display on the side of the table. This allowed anyone walking down in to see the banner.


Student started stopping by after 11:00 a.m. The amount of students who stopped by because of a class room visit is a great story to tell. This means students are seeing Farm Credit Services of America as a first class employer.  This also means a student stopping by had a previous touch point and I don’t have to explain who Farm Credit Services of America is. There were students who attended the Class Room Visit on Wednesday night stopped by the booth because I came to the class. There where students who attended the Innovation Works Here on February 15th.    


The fair ended about 2:00 p.m. I went to the front desk to ask a simple question. How many students actually checked in. The unofficial count I heard was under 150. This was the same number as in the FALL of 2018 I think this was a very low number. When I got back to the office I looked at the inputs from the Office 365 Form. We had 24students give us contact information which was 6 lower than last time.  .  Even though the numbers were not high. The multiple touch point is a big deal in the long run of recruiting.

Follow up

In all 24students filled out the form.  I followed up with this email.


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