2019 Spring UNO Capstone Cup Round 1

Round 1 of the University of Nebraska-Omaha College of Business Administration Spring 2019 Capstone Cup! took place on Friday, March 8th 2019. I was a judge in all 3 rounds in the Fall of 2018.


I posted on Likened and Twitter that I was a judge of the contest.


Itinerary Morning Session

9:00 am                Arrival & Check In, Room 117

9:30 am                Presentation 1

10:00 am              Presentation 2

10:30 am              Presentation 3

11:00 am              Presentation 4

11:30 am              Debrief/Lunch

12:00 pm              Reset for afternoon


The case the teams presented on for the first round was GameStop. The teams are given only the information in the case – some teams will likely do some outside research to assist in their analysis, but for the most part the students are told to focus on the information presented in the case.

Each group had 12 minutes to present, with warning times given for 2 minutes, and 1 minute. This is followed by approximately 10 minutes of Q&A with the judges.

As a judge, I was acting as board member for GameStop in the case. The students are acting as a consulting group hired to identify and tackle a strategic problem GameStop is facing.


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