Team 4OH!4

In 2016 I lead the Intern team. The name of the team was: Team 4OH!4 is on the second Floor.


Through out the next few weeks make sure to say hi.



June 6th the 4 Application Development and 2 Technology Services (where applicable) interns went through a week long training sessions at FCSA. Thank you to all the individuals who shared their passion about roles and teams here at FCSAmerica.

Here is a high level view of the Learning sessions.​

Office Visit

The eight team member visited Red Oak, Iowa to learn more about how are team mates interact with customers. The route we took was through scenic Plattsmouth, Nebraska. 



Spent the First hour with Doug Dickinson (Insurance Officer) . Doug gave us a Insurance 101 crash course. 


We then met with  Chad Jacobs (Financial Officer) . Chad broke down his relationship building with customers.

Best Quote. “We need more Chevy’s then Cadillacs”


Team Picture


Tech Support – 

External systems, AgDirect,  AgriPoint, board of directors, 1500 internal employees, Gigabar vs Gigablock, laptop refresh, mobile devices service link, tech support document


QA  – Tools, Testing strategy 

The other two IT Interns Sara and Justin joined us. 

Testing strategy, Testing Pyramid provide reliable tests, Service Level testing




App Dev Team

We attended another team’s standup to observe how a team does this Agile ritual. (Team Jedi). We then meet Team Furyan 

in a conference room to hear about the roles and network with a team. We played a game with the help of ODL. The four app dev interns played four members of a appdev team in Jeopardy. Thank you so much to ODL for facilitating the game. 


Systems Infrastructure –

We  gave the team a data tour. Learned about the data line connecting the two building.  learned about the air conditioning units.  

Dropped buzzwords: cloud, data center, Internet of things (security cameras, fridges, room devices) this rack cost millions of dollars. The team Also saw the NON-production in the Main Building.


TDD  – JavaScript Unit Tests

Unit Test and TDD in Javascript. 

Javascript TDD


Lean Coffee (IT leaders)

The team played Lean Coffee​ with the IT Leaders. It was a informal way to get to know you. Plus any takeaways are a great way to building connections. 

Other Training

The Team has been working on a Angular 2 course to prepare us for our project. Learned other practices such as GIT, Builds, 


One assignment was to read “Practices of an Agile Developer​”. This personally is one of my favorite programming books.