Training & Learning sessions

June 1st the 4 Appdev and 2 Technology Services interns went through a two day training session of IT at FCSA. Thank you to all the individuals who shared their passion about roles and teams here at FCSAmerica.

Here is a high level view of the Learning sessions.

UX  – Sketching 
UX Ninja, UX website for bootstrap,  usability study, wire framing,

SQL  – Tools, understand database, database objects 
sql server Studio Management, apex, redgate, C#,

BA  – Stories, requirement, analysis, tools 
Business owner communication, story work, production support

QA  – Tools, Testing strategy 
Testing strategy, provide reliable tests

TDD  – A overview of the in-house training
Microsoft Technology stack, Unit Test and TDD

Web Admin
presented slide, 1st level support to appdev, 2nd level to tech support

Tech Support –

External systems, AgDirect,  AgriPoint, board of directors, 1500 internal employees, Gigabar vs Gigablock, laptop refresh, mobile devices

service link, tech support document

Systems Infrastructure

New building would affect the system infrastructure. Gave data tour. Dropped buzzwords: cloud, data center, this rack cost millions of dollars

Enterprise Content and Applications
CAT Team Third party systems, power point shared lots of insights on third party, auditing logging. Our team will be working with the CAT Team on relationship.

Business Applications


Business Intel and Data Management

App Dev automated a lot of processes, replication of source databases, only 25% of systems, Risk management prioritizes which data is important.

SQL Server, SSIS, ExtractTransportLoad, SSAS, Cubes, Our team will be working with BI Team


Hacking, Data breach, company, how do we protect FCSA? Customer data and financial, The human element (social engineering) 97% of email is spam, Firewall GeoFencing

Mobile Tools – Android & iOS tools, devices,

Xcode- Objective C, Simulator FCSAmerica Mobile, HockeyApp, bots, Jenkins, android studio, sketching, testing, Analytics, Deployments, Rest, Postman

External Training

Plural Sight

For the next two months if a intern wants a monthly pluralsight account for self-learning.  The cost will be reimbursed.